just how good is the mayhem in relation to the Dark Magic?

Note that the MayaheM is a full metal while the Dark Magic is only metal-rimmed. Of course the MayheM will spin longer and is very smooth from what I’ve heard. Another thing to remember is that the Mayhem has friction stickers so you would have to replace those often which is a complete turn off to me. The Dark Magic has Hybrid response which means one side doble o ring and another side starburst. This response is very durable but a bit snaggy. Use the search button and check out some reviews that people here have written then compare the pros and cons and see which one you think you would like more. Keep size differences, weight differences, etc in mind.

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The Mayhem is a very nice yo-yo. It does not come with Duncan friction stickers, but instead it comes with Duncan silicone stickers. The silicone stickers are actually a good pad. If you don’t like them however, you can always put some other .555 sized pad in there. They are really smooth and have a nice finish. Keep in mind that the Mayhem uses an A sized bearing and the Dark Magic uses a C sized bearing. The bearing size will result in a slightly different feel.

The Mayhem and Dark Magic also have a completely different size and weight. The Mayhem has a diameter of 52mm, a width of 40mm and a weight of 62g. The Dark Magic has a diameter of 56mm, a width of 41mm, and a weight of 71g. With that difference of nine grams they are on complete opposite side of the spectrum.

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