My Yuuksta IS a MURDERER!

so im like dad doo bee bop playin with my yuuksta then next thing i hear is a change in pitch of the bearing i try to bind before i can it responds on the slightest tug bearing 1/3-down fast forward a week i lost it a week ago a few days after it killed the bearing i pick it up and played around a bit next thing i hear… another change in pitch… FATALITY… bearing 2/3 down now im scared to put my last bearing in it dont say oh its probably breaking in no. because it brok in about a month ago. both of them. i dont run my bearings dry i run em thin lubed… wat should i do???

The only thing that I can think of is cleaning your bearing.

Clean the bearings and lightly lube them. Then take your Yuuksta and clean out its bearing seats with a solvent and cotton swabs. There is bound to be something in there that is getting into the bearings.

I’ve done both of these multiple times the bearings still barely spin and the bearing seat looks like it has some kind of aluminum shavings in it like its degrading

oh yeah and the bearings don’t even stick in anymore they fall out when u unscrew it , sorta like a fh2/other Duncans that the bearings just fall out

idk about all yoyos but for my yyf yoyos most of em fit snug in the bearing seat and they will come out when you pull but they usually dont fall out that easy

There has ought to be something. The seat is degrading? Could you specify that more detailed and maybe have a picture?

cant post a pic, sorry lost my sd card and the cam doesnt work without it

ok so in the seat you can see little specs and shavings sora and on the walls in certain areas there is no and and on the rim of the seat (where the response starts i guess…) has parts shaved off too cant really explain it much more.

The metal shaved off or the paint? If the metal is stripped, you should contact YYE. Or YYF.

idk i dont think they would do anything cuz its my beater and looks like its been to hell and back a myriad of times

As Icthus and others said: YYE (YYF?) has done more weird things before. They’ve replaced a 6 months old yoyo.

Well, how long do you let your bearings sit in the chemical when you are cleaning them? Also do you agitate them? All my YYF have tight bearings that strip the ano off the seat, to get around this I would either lightly satin them then clean it while spinning it real good. My best bet is you have metal shavings in the bearing, it happens to a lot of my YYF throws that I have had.

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WEll not if it’s a beater. I mean next thing they are replacing a yoyo because you forgot how to use it. These guy’s can only do so much. YYE will only replace if it’s a manufacturer defect. YYF can do whatever they want but usually won’t if it’s something like this. My suggestion is stop using the Yuuksta until you can get us some pics.