My yoyorecreation blink won't come apart!!!!


Hello everyone!! i’m having some trouble, my blink (yyr) won’t come apart. I have had a yoyofactory g-funk that didn’t come apart, so I went to the local yoyo-class and the manager said that the manufacturer just made it too tight. So I played with it for a while, and after about 3-4 weeks, it came apart.

The only reason why I’m worried is because I don’t want to have my $140 to go to waste.

Someone please help!


Well, it is over-tightened, obviously… does it turn at all? If not, turn it harder. Make sure you’re turning counter-clockwise.


yeah it might just be over tighten to knock out the vibe


Stick it in the freezer for 10 minutes, the aluminum will contract more than the axle and it’ll come apart…or something like that regarding metals, cold and contraction. All I know is it works.


That’s mainly suggested for bearing removal, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Though I’m not sure of the contraction rate of titanium.

Just throw on some rubber-palmed work gloved and give it some ‘oomph’ :wink:


What is Ti? They stopped using Ti axles years ago, didn’t they?


No idea, honestly. What do companies use for their axles these days?


My guess is that they stopped using Ti axles after the Stardust (v1 and v2)


Carbon steel, for the most part.


Makes sense. Stlll strong, but less expensive. Either way, the freezer trick should work haha.


I recently bought a Yoyorecreation blink. for some reason, it doesn’t come apart, even though it should. The one I bought was from the Japanese yoyo-day sale, and they had a picture up showing that it unscrewed. I also had a yyf g-funk that didn’t come apart, but after about a month of playing, it flew apart.


Someone please help!

(yes, I have heard the rumor about yyr’s having vibe after unscrewing, but I have unscrewed my friend’s sleipnir 5 times and it played the same, so I’m not worried).


Stick the yoyo in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes. Remove from freezer. Unscrew.


QFT. People don’t believe this works for some reason, but it’s always worked for me.


I have had some YYR that resisted coming unscrewed the first time. For some reason, some YYR are way too tight out of the box. Putting on a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves and using a bit of “oomph” usually does the trick for me.

I have also had to wrestle more than a few YYR bearings from their seats. A good bearing-removal tool and patience will help wiggle them free.

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Also don’t panic :wink: it’s normal


What in the world are you using Vice Grips on???


Why do you want to take it appart?
YYR are tuned for perfection stock and are often really tightly screwn together, unscrewing it will void warranty.

But if you really need to unscrew it just use more force I guess?


People have some of the strangest yoyo problems here.

OP, your yoyo is fine, it will unscrew if you try hard enough. I’m hoping you don’t know what vice grips actually are, and that if you do know what they are that you haven’t really tried using them to unscrew a yoyo. If you have tried using vice grips to unscrew a yoyo I would strongly suggest never doing it again.

Trying the freezer trick that many have suggested or the dishwashing gloves as recommended by YoyoGeezer will likely solve your problem if just twisting with your hands won’t work. Which it will if you try harder.


Where in the world did you find a vice grips big enough to grab a yoyo shell?? ???