My yoyo idea design


i decided to create a yoyo

and i drew a really crude sketch of it.
i plan on making a 3D model soon

can anyone recommend me a good software for this?(free ofc)

First step is to develop a rudimentary crude drawing to work from as the one you have now is apparently “crud”?

sorry, I just couldn’t resist

Haha! thanks! i so messed that up XD

so il post a pic now!

From the photo, it looks like if it hits you wrong, you’re screwed and it’ll hurt so bad. That spike looks cool but the string would EASILY be caught in it.

Looks cool, but it won’t work I don’t think.

its not a spike, its an undercut

just really poorly drawn haha

It’s really kinda cool looking from the sketch. I’m thinking if you are able to really keep those outside edges sharp you may have finally developed the yo-yo weapon the Filipinos were rumored to have so many years ago.

New from the collaborating design efforts of aznnboyaZ and X-Acto, The Buzzsaw Yo-Yo!

I know but it looks like the string could get really easily caught in there.

Maybe i should round that out more?

My idea was to use a Gfunk sort of shape.

Then use AG2 rims
And cut that IRG to work in conjunction with the undercut in order to add rim weight while being able to keep the yoyo light weighted

Looks great for a rough sketch. Now, you have to work out a few bugs, wall thickness, angles, bearing and response, etc…

And yeah I think
I might go with A normal c sized KK
And 19mm sized pads

And everything else I gotta get done some other time!

Anyone know a good software?

To start off with quick sketches, use google sketchup 8. Won’t get you much past the early stages of development though.