Shark Tooth Yo-Yo's Present the Pre-3D Photoshop Sketch of the "Great White"!

First off, this is just V1. May be subject to change.

Anyway, I had an idea to start up a small yo-yo team. As of right now, it’s just me. I’m still trying to figure out how to work the 3D programs and such, but, luckily, using Photoshop, I was able to come up with a decent concept.

Now, the plan is to make 2 Protos once this is done. I will receive one, and someone else the other. We will figure out the problems, fix them, and then we’ll get the final version.

After that, I don’t know. I might release a few for sell in the B/S/T, or just give a few out for testing, or, my fav, a mix of the 2.


BTW, this is gonna be undersized, or so far it is.

Hey look, It’s a ILYY fury, Y-factor. It’s still a great shape though!

I’m a bit confused. Did you mean that in a good way, in a bad way?

Nothing wrong with your design. I like it. My favorite yoyo currently is the void.

Although the punchline is in the mix too. SPYY

Thanks. I’ve been experimenting ever since I got home. I started off with something similar to a YYF 44, then worked my way to this.

This is a very different design compared to the “Great White Shark”?

Have you thought about how to improve on current renditions of the bearing seat, response, and gap?


It looks amazing!!! I would love to get one if they come out ;D

I’ll change the name to avoid problems.

But, my Yoyo is different.

And, I’ll decide on gap when I decide on diameter.

Bearing seat will be adjusted so that I have a wide gap, but not too wide.

Response will probably be Flow Groove.

Okay, so, obviously I can’t use a 3D designer.

so, I’m now looking for someone who can take my designs and implement them into a 3D Program. This person will become a STYY member as well as receive a Proto of the finished PreProduction. They may also offer advice on them.


autoCAD really is the program that all engineers and such like to work off of. on craigslist theres a lot of freelancers that offer cheap service. I would say just tell them the specs you want and show him the shape. He would then do all the really technical stuff and make a 3d design with listed specs. Then you find a “machinist”? I guess their called? Thats what they have been calling it on a thread called team abyss on the forum. Love the design you have so far!

lol. styy. … you’re kidding right?

It it remends me of another company, ohhn darn what was it called again ohh yeah SPYY :wink:

GTFO :smiley:

Already working on another name. As well as for the yoyo.

Full Size, specs (Besides Weight), as well as the inner ring diagram coming soon.

I could do some 3D CAD designing for you. Send me a PM, and let me know what you would want. I could make a few designs for you until we get it exactly how you want it.