My Ultimate Yoyo

I have been looking for my ultimate yo-yo for a while and have not found it yet. Does anyone know of a really good yoyo that is like this:

About 63-65g
About 53-54mm diameter
About 46-48mm width
Fingerspin cup/dimple

If anyone could find one that would be great.

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Maybe try checking out the G2 site and check the different types they made by G2 nation! They have several models you might find what your after!

Prescription has everything you’re looking for except the fingerspin cup:

Puffin also no fingerspin hub and slightly heavy:

Charm might be your best option:

Why so specific with the specs? Do you already have a yo-yo you like with these specs?

The Yoyofactory Shutter Wide Angle fits this description. The only thing that is different is the diameter, which is 56 mm.
It’s a really good yoyo!


I have an Ethos, and I love it’s diameter. I have a shutter wide angle and I love it’s width. Those specs seem to just be the ones that fit me perfectly.

And I have seen the Puffin and Prescription. They are the closest I’ve been to finding my perfect yo-yo. I was just wondering if there was a currently existing yo-yo that was 100% perfect for me.


Charm is pretty good, and close to what you’re looking for. Also you might like the cadence:

They’re sold out now, but we’ll be getting more eventually.

These are all Yoyos I’ve seen and thought about. But the one thing that all of these do not have is a Fingerspin cup. I have all the Yoyos I need, and each of them has a trait that I love in a yo-yo, but none has them all. The main thing that these Yoyos lack is a good grind finish or no Fingerspin cup. Yes, you can Fingerspin on anything, but I particularly like Fingerspin cups.

Spin dynamics spark the diameter is a tad larger but it’s deff worth a shot.

The Edge Beyond is as close as I’ve found, but no fingerspin dimple

You don’t really see finger spin dimples on metal yoyos, because it would add to much center weight. The only other way is to make the axle smaller, But that makes stripping a serious problem

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Yep, I’ve pretty much accepted that by now. :sleepy:

I personally like the feel of finger spinning on a flat cup yoyo more than a centering one. Also, many of the fingerspin style yoyos don’t catch all the time and sometimes just spin on the outer rim if you don’t land close enough to the center. This is an issue you don’t have with flat cup yoyos so your margin for error is actually higher with flat cup yoyo than the VAST majority of yoyos actually designed for fingerspins

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