My turn!

As some of you guys know, I have been saving up my money to get a yoyo. And I almost have enough to get some but I dont know which one to get. I am deciding on the X-Convict or the Yuuksta. Here are my preferances

Size - Mid-sized or undersized
Width - I LOVE wide yoyos
Gap size - I LOVE really large gaps. 4.5 and higher
Shape - Anything but pointy
Weight - 64 - 67
Color preferance - I really like purple and black
Mod or maintain - I would like not to do anything with it, but If I have to silicone it I am fine with that.
Style of play - I love slack, whips, and lacerations. But I also love going into some really fast stuff.

So I also want my yoyo to be 100% snag free. I hate that feeling of the yoyo just riding up on the string. So tell me what you guys think. Oh and yes I know that the Yuuksta just cam out.


From your preferences it seems as though you took everything the yuuksta is and put it in question form. So get the yuuksta.

LOL! I wasn’t trying to. I really like the look of the Yuuksta.

Oh and if anyone cares. My Legacy has a huge crack in it, my Lyn has so much vibe it tickles my hand during play, one of my Hatpads fell out of my hatrick, and I lost my bearing to my Die-nasty. So I need to get a new yoyo and fix some of my old ones.

I’ll silicone the hatrick if you let me test throw it


Thanks, but I know how. I’ve done it like 3 times already but the sili doesn’t want to stay in.

There’s a good tutorial here.

Based on your preferences, I would get the Yuuksta. Or wait for the new YoYoJams to come out.

I would probably get a YYJ but I didn’t really see anyone this I liked besides the Hitman pro.

Now I am wondering if I want oversized or undersized. Oversized looks really big but undersized looks really small and there is barely any mid-sized yoyos that I want. Which one is better for lacerations, whips, and slacks?