my turn ...DM

well i got mine and here is my short review… dark magic is really amazing… as in the other reviews >>> it is like ~perfect~… it was little bit responsive at first but became perfect after few throws, its like a dream, and handles string tricks with ease. It might be heavy but like some where i read Andre said it doesnt feel heavy, and thats what is important anyway.everything about it feels great in hand and is super smooth …i play with HIGH cautions as it is the only YYJ I HAVE.
comparison with DM and its bootleg is in pic i took…sorry for video i don’t have camcorder

said the string,ahahaha

bearing is same… wing of original is wider. gap function is superb…


You don’t need to make a new post for each pic lol! Just put everything in one post.

DUDE CONGRATZ! You finaly got it after the long wait :wink:

I agree, you can just modify the post.

:)happy :slight_smile:

yep :slight_smile: Grats on getting your dm btw! Nice pictures! I forgot though, what did you get it for? haha sounds wrong :-[

He won it in a forum contest back in the beginning of January.

Meaning that he must have gotten that DM a while ago. And I also believe that Kim-Lan won her AXIOM in that specific contest. I was not even member at this time so I am no eXpert on this field.

No addment in this post.

he’s from Pakistan. Took this long for shipping… 5 months :wink:

5 months??? If he won it in January, which is month 1. How come that shipping takes 5 moths when he got it in March/April, which is month 3/4.

Addment: Wow, must have really strict/slow customs there.

Then 4 months :wink: But still- He waited a long time…I cant even wait 3 days…

Are we getting off topic? I think yes.

Addment: 3 days!!! You guys are reall spoiled over there (actually not, it’s about the same here). Here we have to wait for customs declaration (flat rate slips through somehow) and shipping is expensive. PRIORITY MAIL takes atleast one week. Booh!

Well, thats because we are used to this kind of shipping, so its not our fault.

They actually lost the first one we sent to him - no where to be found so we had to send another one - never got it back either - maybe someone in the Pakistan customs office has a nice new lime green Dark Magic. :frowning:

Haha I am sorry I had to comment on those hilarious looking caps on that bootleg DM. That is too funny!

thank u Andre :slight_smile: