Dark Magic

I got the YoYoJam Dark Magic 2 days ago and I really like it.It just fits in your hand and has awesome sleep times.I upgraded from a Duncan Mosquito and the DM makes it feel really small now.I recommend getting the DM.

those are the yoyos i have

I don’t mean to be mean, but you need to be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more in depth in your reviews.

yeah all u said was that it slept well and that it fits in your hand and almost everybody already knows that

(not to be mean)


you need to put more in your reviews
not to be mean

but thanx… i guess… :-\

First of all this may be his/her first yoyo. This was their first post. Give the OP a little slack. (not Yuuki slack)

If you are interested in writing a review you might want to go to high speed yoyo or yoyo skillz and read how they are done. They give a lot of insite on the yoyo. Also they play one for no less than a week before giving the review.

Woah, you’re like my twin. I went with a mosquito to a DM. Feels great! Give it a week or two and then revampe your review. :wink:

Nice job on your decision of upgrading to a Dark Magic. And don’t forget its gap is adjustable, but you probably know this already.