YYJ Dark Magic- Short Review

Ok… Today I was excited of getting my dark magic yoyo from Samad ;D. It came in only 2 days, fast shipping. I bought it off $25 plus he gave me a SPEC bearing, 2 white string, and a 1 Perfect Fit String. NO DINGS AND CLEANED BEARING

When I opened the box, put a slip knot, and grip it with my hand. It felt kinda light not that heavy and spins for a long time. Although it sometimes snag it starts to wear off once you play with it a little.

Spins pretty long, very unresponsive, and truly awesome for grinds. I would recommend this to advance players

Here are some pics:

Thanks Samad, for selling your dark magic to me!!! ;D


That yoyo has a nice Samad history. He did all of his tuts with it :wink:

You got yourself a nice DM from Samad there. And I think it actually might have been dinged a bit. Also think he might have satinized it, so you can’t see any dings and you get better grinds. Good job both of you!

No addment

hey im vietnamese too!

Me too. :slight_smile:

And yeah, he did satin it. I’m not sure about dings, but I know it was satined.

Off-topic: I still don’t get what addment means. :-\

Lol i’m vietnamese also too.

Glad everyone is happy with the transaction, but can we get the easily read personal information out of these pics?


wow,I never thought samad would sell his DM

Don’t worry… I made that word up.

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You should take off all the personal info.

I know your names, address… so yeah.

Can you please tell what harm you can do with that information. I would really like to know the danger in giving your adress out. Because I really think that the name and adress can be found on the internet easily. I do not know how you do it on your side of the atlantic ocean, but here we have informative services. If you was to type in Samad Patel, you would automatically get his adress and phone number. So I don’t consider this as really bad.

Addment: The worst thing that could possibly happen would have been that his house got bombed by yo-yo terrorists. And from what I know/think, it hasn’t.

I can send stuff to you, charge stuff to you (it’s a step in ID theft.) And the things I could send…

Either way, André, can you edit the topic or something?

It’s too late, I copied it and am gonna put it everywhere on the net. There are gonna be millions and millions of people that can see your address, and give a crap less just like I do. :stuck_out_tongue:

0.o This guy goes to school with me L0L! But yeah samad , he already messed up your axle (he also messed up my legacy) he has bad luck with yoyos.

I’m going to mention this again, as nicely as I possibly can.

You seriously might want to get the personal information OFF the website.

Even if you don’t care, even if it’s your information and you still don’t care, get it off the site.

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If you all love the place as much as you claim, why put Andre in a position like that? If you’re not mature enough yet to understand why spewing your personal information all over the 'net is often a bad idea, then do it someplace where it can’t potentially affect people other than yourself.

Sorry, but get it off now!!! Andre… can you just take it off?

dark magics are sweat im getting 2 ;D

You can still see the personal information.
Just replace the picture with this one:


Haha cool edit!