My Troubles

  1. My breakaways with my Man on the Flying Trapeze… My breakaways won’t swing onto my finger, and I don’t think they swing enough…
  2. On Pop the Clutch, When I tug it up it swings over my shoulder but then goes all over the place.
  3. When I throw a strong sleeper sometimes it zaps up to my hand and it hurts, I use a Yomega Highspeed Maverick that is supposed to sleep for 50 seconds but only sleeps around 10-20 varying on how strong I throw… I don’t think I need to clean anything because I just got it on Christmas day…
    4)When I do UFO, and I try to toss it up, it doesn’t come back to my hands…

Help plz! :\

  1. Takes practice
  2. Takes practice
  3. Yoyos don’t have a defined sleep time. Cleaning the bearing will certainly help (factory bearings tend to come lubed). However, a good throw takes many, many, MANY hours to develop. Keep practicing
  4. Takes practice

Moral of the post: Yoyoing isn’t something that just happens. It takes a lot of practice. 99% of the time, problems with tricks are user errors.

Keep practicing, you’ll get it. It can take hours to get a trick down solid.

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Oh ok Thanks! I’ll keep trying!

Or in my case days or MONTHS.

Haha! Are there any yoyo stores in Colorado, Denver or Seatle,WA? I live in a pretty small town and it doesn’t have any yoyo stores except for this creepy one ._.

if you just got your yoyo yesterday, then don’t be discouraged if your sleep time is only 20 seconds. that’s good for a complete beginner.

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I highly doubt it. You could probably find some cheap ones, but the higher quality yoyos are pretty much only found online.

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There is a yoyo store in Manitou Springs, Colorado that sells a wide selection of quality throws from YoYoFactory, YoYoJam, SPYY and many others. It’s the best brick and mortar store I have ever found for shopping for a good yoyo.

Don’t get discouraged. It sounds like you might be expecting a bit too much from yourself if you are just starting out. I think many times we trick ourselves by thinking yoyoing is just child’s play. It’s not as easy as some of the guys around here can make it look. (Not me of course, I stink.) It takes a lot of patience and practice. Give yourself time and it will come. Don’t try to bite off more than you’re ready to chew. Little steps at a time will take you where you want to go.

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One thing I used to do that halted my progression was ignore the part in tutorials that told me to go back and learn other tricks first.“learn magic drop before you try this” lol I would always try the advanced tricks before the essentials. Everything is a stepping stone for what’s to come. Get the basics down and the rest comes with time.

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Practice. Practice. Practice practice, practice practice; practice. Practice:

Practice practice practice, practice practice. Practice practice(practice) practice.
P.S. practice

I’ve been practicing Pop the Clutch first before I move onto the other ones. I practice on my yo yo a lot and take some breaks like eating and sometimes going on these forums and all…
I’ve also been practicing my sleeper. And it’s improved as I started counting to around 27 seconds!

Creepy? The New Velocity is good and is sold as Toys R Us.

In corresponding order:

  1. Try throwing your breakaway more out to the side, creating a greater arc, nice and curvy. You may be throwing it to much toward the ground.
  2. Pop the Clutch: Don’t rush it. After you have it hanging over your arm, make sure your arm is nice and level, gently pop the clutch. Everything nice and slow so you can watch it.
  3. Sleeper: When using a responsive yoyo you need to pay incredible attention to string tension. Let the yo hang in front of you. As you look down on it spin it counter clockwise. This will help the yo sleep, if it wont come up, spin it clockwise. Experiment, you see what I mean.
  4. UFO: It’s mostly practice and getting the toss just right.

The greatest key to all tricks is to have fun and practice, lots of fun, lots of practice. Remember that every time you come up short on a trick, it’s going to be just that much more rewarding when you nail it! :wink:

Another thing people forget to mention is don’t fear failure. Failure is just an indicator of future success as long as you are determined, stay focused, and practice, you will persevere.

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There are two in the Denver area. Wizards Chest in Cherry Creek (Denver) is a fun toy shop with a little of everything. They have a huge selection of YYJ plus Duncan and Yomega. The other is YoYoLoco in Manitou Springs near Colorado Springs. Seriously awesome yoyo store. Great selection of YYF, YYJ, SPYY, onedrop, and more. On top of that its a fun place to go and talk yoyo.

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Great! Now I’m having trouble with m UFO! Every time I throw it to the left, it spins inwards to the right and starts knotting and tightening up my string! By the time it spins the other way the string isn’t looping/forming that vase-shape so I can’t toss it up and retrieve it to my hands!

That, my friend, is because of string tension. When you UFO to the left it tightens the tension making the string stiff and easy to bunch up and when you do it to the right it loosens the string tension. Use that to your advantage for adjusting string tension Check out the tutorials here. They are amazing! They teach you everything you need to know! Take your time and watch everything over and over if you have to. The gentleman in the tutorial explains everything really well but watching them over is a key part of your practice! Im stoked that you started getting into yoyoing though. Enjoy your maverick! :smiley:

Wait… so if I throw it to the right it creates spagghetti strings? And tightens the rope? But… when I swing it to the left it’s supposed to loosen the strings right? But my yoyo won’t loosen, it just creates more spaghetti!

You’re right! haha! Never mind what I said then. Here I am trying to give advice and I am the one who REALLY needs it haha!

It’s ok, but my question still is:
Why is my yo yo string being tightened to both the left and the right? When I tried it at first it didn’t do this!

Just let the yo hang. Don’t spin it, let it turn on its own. I’m guessing that you have loosened the string so far that is beginning to tighten in the reversed direction. Just let it hang and play it after it quits turning to the and fro.