My Throw Collection


Here is my small collection thus far…

Duncan Imperial
Duncan Butterfly
Duncan Flying Squirrel
Duncan Bumblebee
Yomega Xodus II
YoYoFactory Pocket Change
YoYoJam Classic
Peter Fish Luminator

YoYoFactory Protostar - Blue
Yomega Maverick - Black
C3YoYoDesign Capless - Red/Orange/Violet
CLYW Arctic Circle - Blizzard
OneDrop Code2 Nautilus - NightGrass
Monkeyfinger Gelada - Teal Muddy
YoYoFactory Catalyst - Augie EYYC


Nice collection, love the Code 2, cool colors :wink:


Nice throws. By the way, how does the maverick play?


Im running it with a dry 10 ball bearing and flowable silicone. It plays pretty decent. The gap and catch zone is pretty small so it requires some accuracy. It is also not the most stable yoyo in the world. Overall its a fun little throw, but I honestly don’t play it that often.


Would you trade or sell any of these?


Nice! Like the green/black color way! :slight_smile:


Very happy to see such a diverse collection