My stuff - Check it out.

Pictures of my collection.

Sorry, it’s on Facebook. I don’t think you need to friend me or anything.

I’m adding a few more shots tonight that I took a couple of weeks ago. Just some individual and group shots. Nothing that changes inventory stuff. Got some other stuff throw in there as well. Probably add some of the robot shots too.

Anyhow, try not to drool.


Works Peak is lookin fiiine!

Uhhh. wow :o

Just curious, how much money do you have in all that? I suppose you don’t have to answer if you so desire. :wink:

I plead the fifth.

However, I do have that information on file. I have logged store prices vs what I paid(sales, BST, special deals, whatever), so I know exactly what I paid and where I got it from, as well as calculating the total discount, which is some 24% at the moment.

Just think:
YYE has another Gnarwal being held for me that I’ve paid for, and there’s a few other choice items I’m expecting to have by the end of the year. So, yeah, it’s still growing!

It plays as good as it looks! The raw PEAK plays kinda heavy. They are both 2nd runs, at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe.

Glad to see you’re still taking care of my old peak :wink:

I see my old bass alone in there. Good to see it Ina good home :). I do the same as you do. I have kept track of EVERY transaction I have ever done in the past 2 years since I’ve started yoyoing. It includes each trade I made buying selling you name it. Also I have a running total of how much I’ve spent :slight_smile:

Your bass isn’t alone. It’s got a Small bearing counterpart to keep it company and surrounded by cousins!

Yes, taking very good care of it. Been played by many dozens of players looking for that First Peak experience. The raw one next to it plays heavy, and that Works one plays smooth and sweet.