My String

Hey, I was bored and decided to make some string. I went on youtube and watched some videos. (Xela your awesome!) I can make it and it’s the right size, but it wont stay tightened? I tried everything but i cant seems to get it too stay! Any help would be great!!!


EDIT I need samad APE!!!

soz, can’t help ya here :frowning: Maybe leave it overnight? It should stay after being twisted forever.

After twisting, did you fold the string over so that the two halves twist together? What kind of thread are you using?

50% poly 50% nylon

  Ok, So i got the two lengths tied them together and twisted them. I folded them in half but they dont twist, or if the do they clump together and when i fix the dont twist.

You have to keep it straight before twisting and twist section by section. I use a yo-yo to weigh down the end and pinch a few inches above to let that section twist together. Remember to keep it taut! And let the rest of the string twist together.

(I’m not sure if I explained that well. :P)

So, trying Nylon/Poly blends huh? Just stealing Jeromy’s thing?

Have no fear Ape is here, sorry I couldn’t help my self. First make shure it is going clock ways, then wind it when you go to fold it in half make shure that you keep it tight. Hold the top above your head and let the weight below and let it go it will spin for a little bit then hold the top tight and cut it put a knot in it there you go. You maybe twisting it too tight, it takes a lot of trial and error. Also 50/50 will be very stiff and hard to manage. I seen some of the videos and the only one that helped was Xela’s Thanks man! Are you using the transperant kind of nylon if so you will have nothing but problems.

It’s not Jeromy’s “thing.” I’m pretty, very sure others have done it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I got it! My drill was going in reverse! Thanks for the help-- The sting kinda sucks but i’m bored so I’m trying to make some more!!


you could try my string…

Use invisible sewing thread. It never breaks, but is very grippy. I had it for like 2 months without even a hint of tears.

I’ll consider this spam. He isn’t looking for strings to buy and I don’t feel that it was necessary for you to point him towards your string. He just needed some help with making his own string for fun.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it is good.

my point being that i make and sell homemade string, and it would be a good refrence…

I see very little reference material on your site. Actually, I don’t see any. Are you implying that any help you could be to the OP and this thread would involve buying your product?

Please don’t hijack threads and/or spam.

Not looking to get into an argument, I’m just saying.

Of course, if you have something helpful to say to the OP, that doesn’t involve advertising or purchasing, please do so!

I agree with docrobot
there isnt much reference on your site
try to tell him on the threads what you do so it can be more of reference
just like andre said tell people what you think instead of telling them to search for it themselves

well what i think is that the best way to make string for your self is to experiment with all kinds of twists, colors, styles of string… etc. etc. etc. try what comes to mind, and once you find something you like stick with it, but that is only what i think.

While I do agree with Doc about your site, I’ve also seen a couple of review’s before they were posted here. And I have to say they seem positive. Did you make a few to many posts about it…Sure maybe, but hey, no one is making anyone read all of them. How do you think Paul Wallace started, I’m sure it was by posting in forums and getting people to try out his design. So all I can say is I hope your strings take off like some others did…Good Luck to ya. If you need any testers I have tons of experience. :wink:

If it is not coming together nicely, you need a heavier piece of wood, or better measurements.
Here’ s a nice link

Where it says 38.5 inches, you can change it to your preferred length.

left to right
1)6(32), all with DM
2), with a little bit loss drill
3)8(42), with a tight drill
2), with loss drill
5)5, with tight drill
6)5, with a bit loss…
The numbers in brackets refers to the number of strands in the yo-yo string. For example, type 8 consists of four strands each composed of two smaller strands of string.
the tightening of two halves depends on how tight you twist in first step…its clear from pic, i used the drill a few more seconds…and results are good…it increases the strength level of the string.

well im 6’2’’ so i go long. real long.