My sleeper

No, im not asking on how to throw a strong sleeper, I can do that.
However, when I do throw a strong sleeper, the yoyo always flies behind me.
It doesn’t tilt or anything, Im just concerned I might smack a dude in the face… :-X

Well that used to happen to me, but instead of hitting some dude i hit my mom :smiley:
Just keep working on it, after a while it started to go away

Instead of throwing down, throw about 2 or 3 feet in front of you. Also, make sure your string isn’t too long.

I can’t really explain it, but all you really have to do is just throw it hard, but cause it not to swing back.

Hiting your mom is nothing. Um, I’ve hit waaay worse things than that…

I’ve smashed asphalt and scratched my throw :’(

Well I let my cousin play on my dm and instead of throwing it into a sleeper he throws it at the wall :’(

When you follow through with your throw, you might be following through a little TOO MUCH so it goes behind you.
Try to lessen the intensity of your follow through or do as Apetrunk said:

im sry but i laughed when i read this,lol

When I was still learning to bind I got this huge knot and threw it as hard as I could and I hit my elbow.
I couldn’t feel anything from my throw arm for a couple minutes :-[

Let him play 5A :smiley:

Well, lets see…

3 Times in the elbow
5 Times in my man parts (Followed by 2 minutes of laying on the floor)
2 Times in the chin (Drew blood as well)
1 Time in the teeth (I think i bent them!)
1 Time in the forehead with a counterweight
10+ times in the palm
I pulled a muscle throwing a sleeper
I got a weak case of carpal tunnel
All the skin on my index finger is shredded

Uhh… yeah…

Either i’m accident prone, or yoyoing is a dangerous sport (luckily, I don’t have a metal)

oh i expected you to own an 888, lol


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Try to throw it straight down. Don’t let it rock.

I hit my friend in the head doing a sleeper. (long story) ;D

I woke up bright and early in the morning, ready for a day of yoing. Threw a sleeper, forgotten that the previous night I had gotten a knot. The yoyo shredded it’s way back up the string ,It aimed for my eye and landed it’s target… I dropped to the ground for 5 minutes trying to think about of what just happened ???.
That day there were 2 knots one in the yoyo and the other on my head.

you can sleep the yoyo and intercept the string with your hand. i saw yuuki spencer and many other players do this. you kinda stop the yoyo from going bCK TO FAR by “blocking the strings”

i havent thought of that solution… smart! i mean even though i have done that before, i havent done it for that reason