My Sister Needs New YoYo

Ok will currently she has flying squirell from duncan, but it has a really big crack on the inside and the string always gets caught in it and takes about 10 min to get out and able to use…
This is want i was able to get from her:
She wants something like fast 201, velocity(She really likes them since you can change responce type easily)
Max of $20 bucks
Prefers black or hot pink color.

Any suggestions for her?

Velocity is her best choice IMO

Speed Maker. You can get it pink or black. The celcon plastic is really tough but smooth. Also, the gap is adjustable making it a great choice. It is a hybrid and it is great for speed and string tricks.

I think the Velocity is better, IMO. The speedmaker isnt as good, and the adjustable response on the velocity is great, because the gap is great as it is.

Yeah, Velocity seems like the best choice. Is she a beginner? People also say the LF is good along with the kickside. If she is a beginner than Velocity or Journey. Do not take Mage’s advice with the Speed Maker, adjustable gap but hybrid is only good for tricks such as whips and lacerates.

hahaha. I forgot about that. Sorry. Yeah. go with the Velocity.

yeh she really wants a velocity so shes waiting for them to restock new colors…lol
I’m dying cuz i need to order 100 pk string but i cant becuase she hasnt got hers yetr and she wont spend extra money for shipping
Anybody know when yoyonation will restock their velocities??

No one really knows. When ever the yo-yo’s get to YoYoNation they will restock. It could take a week, days, months. No one knows, just have to wait.


I do :slight_smile:

Velocity are currently in a holding pattern with new stock not due in any stores for 3 weeks. When they do come in they will be in all new packaging and come stock with rubber shuttles.

its okay…it turned out she earned some money and got the pgm instead…

Hahaha. Thats great! Im sure she will be pleased with that yoyo. I have heard great things about it.

Make sure she can bind. If not, it will be a horrible yoyo :wink:

dont worry shes practiced on my kickside a bunch…shes actually pretty good ::slight_smile:

i think the legacy from yoyojam is the best choice but i would look at the kickside from yoyojam also 8)

ummm she already got pgm and this is like a week in half old topic dont bring it back up :wink:

Well I can reccomend the Kickside. It’s cheap (15$), it’s great for begginers and advanced, does great sleepers, feels great, looks great… what more can you ask for? I’ve been using it for about a month and I’m really happy with it. :slight_smile:

If you read the earlier posts in this thread, you will find out that his sister got a new yoyo a long time ago. It is really good that you want to help others, but it is time to let this post die.