My SG Stickers expanded on my Torque.

Well, I had my Torque for about a month and a half before any real problems with it. It is an amazing Throw, I liked the Yo-Yo so much that I even bought another for the shelf. I have 2 of thelm. The one I use as a “Daily Throw”, it’s SG Stickers decided to go on me. They virtually expanded two sizes. I did LIGHTLY Lube the Stock KonKave that comes with the Yo-Yo this morning, though because it was getting a bit loud. Is that why the Response Stickers expanded two sizes?? They feel a bit slippery.

I didn’t think the brake pads would be effected because I used less than a Pin Drop of the YYF Thin Lube and even sprayed the Bearing down with CA before reinstalling it.

Seeing I am going to have to either get new SG’s or a different Response Pads altogether now, I noticed on the Torque’s ad on YYE that it says you can use other 19mm Pads. What 19mm Pads should I go with for best performance?

Yeah it sounds like you got some lube on your pads. Even a tiny bit of that stuff will ruin the pads unfortunately. As for the pads, I really like irpads and monkey snot silicone. Yoyofactory and One Drop 19mm pads will work also.

irpad is overrated.
jokerpad hardness 40/50 binds tighter lasts longer costs less and also snags less

So basically, anytime I lube the bearing…expect the pads to go on these new gen Yo-Yo’s. Ouch! eh, I guess it was similar on the Bee just I never remember having to replace the pads as a result of lubrication… It was always because they were well worn in! ;D

Uh… take the bearing out before you put lube in it.

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They seem to work fine in the two yoyos I use them in. Although, I admit I’ve only tried a few of the pads available.

You can try irPads, but I know I hate their durability and feel as they wear down.

Well, I did do that and even used less than a pin drop on it. Worked the lube into the balls and then used air on it to get any excess off, or is what I thought. I mean really, to get a good solid month and a half play out of it wasn’t to bad. That is about how long a Bee would last until I either had to get a new one or new cork pads…etc. etc. In this instance, the Torque already appears to be a much more long-lasting Yo-Yo than that seeing it is just a matter of changing the Pads. The Bee was the main Yo-Yo I used for a long time and I went through probably 30 of them. Easy, if I tried I probably wouldn’t even be able to count.

I decided this morn to just try a little bit of them all. The YYF’s, which was an obvious… 10 bux for the Variety Pack, can’t beat that. One Drops, Ir’s, and I am going to go a head and just get a pack of the standard SG’s just in case seeing I already know those worked well in it. Thanks for all the inputs.