Which bearing and pads.

I like the yellow pads yoyofactory ones. Most yoyos i have fit 19mm I think so which pads would you suggest.

And what bearing I’ve been liking flat. But I like centre trak as well. What are some good bearings?

The pads are really all up to preference. I think yyf natural pads work excellent in all 19mm response. However for certain yoyo’s with very wide gaps, like the space cowboy, grippier pads may be needed. A great option is ir pads which I use in all my yyr, and my shutter and my space cowboy. Experiment with various pads to find what you like.

As far as bearings go I would suggest konkaves or terrapin delta. They are great bearings, that being said the ctx is also quite good. Also try a nsk ds bearing, I’ve heard excellent things about them.

Even though it says that they last the longest, i find that the blue pads last longer and bind better in low rpms

Ceramic KonKave is a really nice bearing. Makes your yoyo spin for longer, and be smoother