Lube!? Response Pads!? Bearing!? What Is It!?

I am getting really frustrated! So my Avalanche happened to become more responsive after play, where it goes dead silent after I throw it and it is more responsive and whatnot. This happened to me before with my Shutter and all I had to do was change the bearing out. So I figured using lube would work, so today my YYJ lube came, and I put some on this random blue cloth that I happened to have. But I THINK I might of have put too much on? It seemed equivalent to a few drops as opposed to one. But I used it anyways, and it played dead unresponsive until I binded my first time. Then when I threw a breakaway, the same problem that happened with my Shutter happened some more! I took my Ava apart, and found that one of the response pads were a bit pushed in farther than they should. Here’s a picture of how it is pushed in. The black line is the part that is pushed in.
So to test if it was the lube or the response pad, I put the lube on my Shutter, but I think it made it more responsive HOWEVER I think I might of have gotten a bit of lube on my response pad. I am so confused if the lube is working how it should and if it is my fault, if I need a new bearing, new response pad, or what. And as of right now I can’t do my school talent show because I have been having so many problems with tricks lately, and this just adds to the complexity and it just does not look nice. Which I guess is fine, because I don’t know if I honestly even want to perform yet in front of 1,300 people, but whatever. Please help, I am very confused. I swear I have grown a few gray hairs because this is stressing me out so much. I just want to throw again.  :’( Would the Ava possibly work again if I broke in the lube a bit more? Does lube have to be broken in?

Okay, the problem here is that lube actually makes bearings more responsive rather than less because you’re introducing an extra substance into the bearing which slows the balls down. The response pad doesn’t look like it should be a problem (at least from that photo). Your best bet would be to deshield the bearing, give it a good long soak/shake in some mineral turpentine, dry it, and apply just one tiny pin drop of thin lube. Then you can reshiled the bearing before putting it back in the yoyo or if you’re lazy like me and/or like cleaning bearings frequently, just leave the shield off.

Hope that helps.


Yup that’s exactly what you need to do.

You can also soak it in mineral spirit’s or Acetone either of those will work

Oh yes. I forgot to mention that I am using thin lube, not thick.

Oh my! I realized I was lubing wrong! I was actually putting the lube on top of the bearing, the surface that the string spins on, LOL! ::slight_smile: :-[ Thanks guys, I’ll try lubing the RIGHT WAY later.

And use a teeeeeny tiny amount

OK thanks

Thin lube still slows the bearings down. A full drop of lube is Still too much btw. Also lube anywhere over the yoyo including response shouldn’t matter.

Oh really? Ok thanks!

yulp, no problem

I only use a full drop from the bottle because I eject the excess out. :wink: I have a spinning contraption I made, which will fling the excess out. Or if I have a compressor on-hand, I blow it into the bearing which sprays the extra out (point it at something you don’t mind getting oil on!).

But if you’re not getting the excess out you either need to put a tiny amount like jbritter says, or expect a pretty long break-in period.

I typically put like 4 pins worth and that makes it slightly responsive, but after it breaks it I just like it better


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Sometimes, the best and easiest thing to do is clean the bearing and just run it dry. Don’t put any lube and just play with a dry bearing. Some bearings play a lot louder when dry, but I found that OD 10 balls dry are still quite quiet. Just some tips… :slight_smile:

Thank you guys! I (surprisingly, lol) did it perfectly well my first time. Works like a charm!