My Satins- 10-5-10

Alright guys, I am going to be putting all of my satin jobs in one thread. Here they are. (I will try to put them in chronological order.)
Keep in kind, must of these yoyos were beat when I got them, thus the power of satin. :smiley:

Wooly Marmot (VERY Beat)>nu%3D5783>855>25%3A>WSNRCG%3D32<8335%3B9434%3Bnu0mrj

Skyline (Beat)>nu%3D5783>855>25%3A>WSNRCG%3D32<8335%3B8%3B34%3Bnu0mrj

09 888 (B-grade for anno flaws)>nu%3D5783>855>25%3A>WSNRCG%3D32<8335%3B9534%3Bnu0mrj

Thanks for looking! (None of these yoyos are for sale, unless otherwise stated.)

I would use a higher grit on the 888 then sell it,fine jod my friend!!! ;D