satin and polish anyone?

(yoyo jake) #1

here is my bully shes all nice and shiny
it looks better in person


that pic is old

(yoyo jake) #3

mo its not i just took it today trust me i dont know why it put that date


Yeah the bully hasn’t been around that long. lol Nice pic and nice work bro.

(yoyo jake) #5



You should probably reset the time in your camera though. ::slight_smile:

(yoyo jake) #7

i am


yeah. looks great. doesnt that take weight off your yoyo


Not really. Not noticeable anyway. Maybe .2 grams or less. probably less.

(yoyo jake) #10

no maybe .00000001 grams but yoyoandrew “tried” to satin it but reshaped it, stiped the tip of the yoyo thing where the axle goes in and gave it a bad vibe but i came in and re satined it it smoothed out put a much longer axle in it that i made and polished it and now its smooth as a babys butt