My radioactive FHZ

I thought I’d share my FHZ that I made.

I always loved the look of the “Pu” Freehand that came out at a similar time to the MG freehands. I liked it so much that I thought I’d have a go at making one. Here is my Pu FHZ!

It started life as a clear light up FHZ. Firstly, I removed the lights and added a recess to accept silicone.

I then got to work on adding the Plutonium. This part turned out to be quite tricky as the nuclear power plants I got in touch with let me down which was a shame. I then had to find a alternative, so I settled on some glow in the dark powder that is commonly used in resins. Annoyingly, I didn’t take too many pictures of the installation process but I used PVA to paint the inside of the yoyo and sprinkled the powder over it, I did this a couple of times.

I then painted the caps by hand to resemble the “Pu” freehand image. I left the freehand and Duncan logo without paint and used the same powder adding process on these so they would glow.

That’s pretty much it. It added a touch of weight and vibe but nothing major and the response feels good too.

Here are some more photos!

Also, because I didn’t use REAL Plutonium, I didn’t get any hassle from the authorities and my hands didn’t melt off!


This is always a plus when it comes to yoyos :rofl:


Nice! Pretty cool to see people still modding these yo-yos.


Thanks. It’s my first FHZ I’ve modded and I’d like to try a few other things in the future.

I just need more clear FHZs!




Haha this is awesome!


I love this thing. Nice work. I was wondering about the glow in the dark powder myself to use on a counter weight. I might give it a go at some point now. I was thinking of using the clear duncan delta (a fav of mine). Painting and powdering the middle layers and hoping the glow absorbs and shines through the plastic.


Thanks for the like!

Go for it! It was pretty straight forward to do. I used PVA glue on the inside and I found that it didn’t want to stick very well on the plastic but I used the powder anyway and gave it a good 24 hours to dry then I applied a second coat to fill in any gaps and it seemed to work fine.

I’d love to see how you get on!

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