Duncan Free Hand

Hi guys,
I’m from Italy, I’m not a good player but I love to mod yoyos.

I hope you like it.

Enjoy it  :slight_smile:


Cool man!

I hope to see more from you on YYE.

Thx Memoria,
I’m working on a video tutorial that is
“how to easy mod a FH” (or something like that).
As it will be ready I’ll post here.

Coolest FHZ mod I ever seen. Thanks for posting.

Wow really nice! Grazie! ;D

I think that is the best looking yoyo you’ve modded. I’ve seen all of your work that has been posted and on youtube and this one is the classiest!

Thx guys, thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue:
But, to be honest with you guys, it’s really easy, good lokking, but really easy.

Ringhs were spere parts (read already done) and core systeme was made in 2 minutes.

Transparent cups made all the job.

I modded very hader stuff but this yoyo teaches me how “visual effect” is important for a mod.

see you soon.

That’s simply an amazing modification. Very unique, very modern and classy at the same time. This makes what is normally a very bland yoyo look very cutting edge. I’m sure with the added weight, it is on the heavy side. I’d like to know how it plays, but the way it looks, it almost looks like it should just sit still and be a show piece!

It plays pretty good, because I machine a lot of plastic from the inside and I replace the weight to outside.
I could make a video even if I’m not a so good player :slight_smile:

I would love to see a video of how it plays and how it looks while you’re playing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re good or not, nobody will really care.

And the yoyo looks awesome!

That looks awesome! However your iron man mod is absolutely amazing! How did you do that one?

I just put 9 leds inside, 4 small batterys and I close the yoyo with 2 caps.
To have the light diffusion I glued some thin plastica celophan (taken from a shop bag).

Outside is dust colored and I machine some line with a divisor.
Long work but not impossible.

It sure would be great if you created your own BUY/SELL/TRADE thread Mr. Bist…just to get rid of some of your unique stuff that might be taking up space.

people–including me-- would pay a good amount of money for something of the quality of that FHZ. I’m so glad you’re coming to yoyoexpert.