My ProtoStar always tilts to the right ...

This happens when I throw a normal sleeper.

If I happen to throw it so that the ProtoStar is already slightly tilted to the left, it will still slowly move towards the right.

I’ve also noticed that my string is not always centered on the bearing. Is this why it tilts?


Do you mean it tilts or it rotates around? If the latter, it’s going to happen all the time.

If the first, the center-ness of the string on the bearing is kind of a factor but not really. It’s going to happen. Just have to learn how to fix the tilt on a yoyo.

Basically, it all comes down to the striaghtness of your throw at that time, a good, solid, straight throw will lead to less yoyo tilt and less gyroscopic effect.

Precession, string position, trapeze, double or nothing, sidestyle, tilt correction:

Maybe it helps…

That video was good and horrible at the same time.

You don’t need to have the string between your two knuckles. I ALWAYS have it at the base of my finger and do just fine. There is no debate which is correct, it’s just preference. I loop that way. It works fine. Also, you don’t need to have the single string facing you. I do the opposite, it works, end of story.

Breakaway is a ladder trick. People refer to it by name.

But it is pretty good as far as the rest of it, including tilt correction. He explained that part pretty well.

That’s the only reason why I’ve posted this vid! Tilt correction is a topic nobody speaks about in vids!

Yeah I know. The rest had parts that were just super annoying.

Here’s one that’s also been used a lot.

I know how to do tilt correction while on the string. But thank you for the video!

It’s just in normal sleeper (where it’s just hanging from the string) where it starts tilting to the right. It’s kind of like how it would tilt on a string except … not on a string.

I guess it might be my throw so I’ll just keep working on it.

Yeah, whether on the string or not, it happens pretty much for the same reason. Sometimes when it’s on the string it’s because some string is rubbing the sides of the yoyo, but it can also happen for the same reason it happens when the yoyo is just sitting there sleeping.