My playmax turbo bumblebee

So i ordered a bumblebee and stupidly didn’t order thick lube, so i was wondering if you could use vaseline petroleum jelly on it to make it more responsive. (i did it on my transaxle fireball and there was a definite increase in response)

Yes, you could. On my bearing loopers I like to use the white moly grease that comes in a small tube.

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you can also use household 3 in 1 lubricant, you can find it in most any store.

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While I do not own a bumblebee and I’m far from modding my yoyos, this topic rised my curiosity.

Isn’t petroleum jelly way too thick?

Not for a looper. They need to be responsive.

Wouldn’t it not sleep at all with a glob of vaseline in it? Or do you not want it to at all?

You dont really need a looping yoyo to sleep

Do a double loop with the string on the bearing that will work also.

Sometimes, but lubing it is better.

Cool :smiley: thanx.