I received a pair if Shinwoo Loops in a trade and they lag (sleep) at the end of the string when I try to loop. So in return I can’t loop with them. I don’t have any thick lube right now and I was wondering what I could use as a homemade substitute. I have heard of people using petroleum jelly and even trombone slide oil (both of which I have) and I didn’t know if this would act has a thick lube and make it more responsive.

Thanks in advance.

slide oil like valve oil is like thin lube cuz i use it for my yoyos… .but if u have 3 in 1 thats the perfect thick lube

3-in-1 works. If you take the shields off you can pack vaseline in there,

3 in 1 REALLY works. Accidently used it on a 1a bearing. :-\