Vaseline as Lube? Homemade lube?

I’m playing with a Fireball, but it’s become pretty unresponsive. I’ve heard that Vaseline can be used as lube? Is that true? Are there any other types of homemade yoyo lube?

You should just really buy some from here. The lube here is made for yoyos

If you’re using it as a looper, vaseline works fine. For string tricks, no. It kills spin time. I use it on my Raiders occasionally. Makes them nice and responsive.

Vaseline is the only thing I use for my loopers and it works great. I don’t know what the long term effect in the bearing though because I only loop when I get the urge and they get very little use.

Interesting fact, when I started my first yoyo was a fireball. When it started becoming unresponsive the only thing I used was vaseline and I used it whenever it became less responsive for about 2-3 months until I got some yomega brain lube, works pretty good.

That’s what I use for my Fireball. It works great as a thick lube for transaxle yoyos.

I loved using Vaseline on my Profires in like 1999, they looped soooo good.

I would strongly recommend not using Vaseline as a lubricant for an unresponsive yoyo.

I know what works great for responsive looping and just responsive play, is a bit of three-and-one oil. It makes it pretty quiet and good for loops. Just note-don’t use the TAO oil for unresponsive play. It will make it more responsive, not lube it.

For unresponsive play, use electronic cleaner and a small bit of sprayable silicone in a can. Only a little silicone goes a long way. Try spraying a bit of the silicone in a paperclip (unfolded) and apply it like that after the use of the electronic cleaner, which you don’t need much of either.

3-in-1 used sparingly is ok for all yoyo lubes.

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Yes Vaseline should work I would imagine because I decided to try triple antibiotic gel which is basically Neosporin and it works like a charm brings your bearing right back to life as if it was a brand new bearing and brand new yo yo again.