WD-40 and Vaseline for lube?

I have heard that you can use a mixture of WD-40 and Vaseline to make your own yoyo lube. Does anyone know if this works?

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i very much doubt it. vaseline is pretty thick and i think it would make it responsive pretty fast. people say dont use WD40 for many reasons but the gist (from what i understand) is that it leaves a residue or something that is bad for the bearing.

true that dont try it

that’s possibly one of the worst ideas I’ve heard given out in a long time.



Well then. It really sucks that I tried this before posting this question… Guess I’ll go clean my bearing.

Whoever told you this should be shot in the face with a thumb tack.

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Umm…why with a thumb tack?

You could always just go with it if you’ve already tried this homemade lube. There might be some chemical “magic” going on that does very well. I have no idea. It’s possible. (Who would have guessed that peanut butter works well to get gum out of your hair?)

I say that wd40 and vaseline is more expensive than sewing machine oil and why the heck would you waste money on someting that could potentially ruin your yoyo.

I could see this working for 2A but I still wouldn’t even use it for that

Plain vaseline. No need to cut it w/WD40. I’ve used it in a raider before when I didn’t have anything else.

Because he already had it laying around the house. I doubt he bought it just for that.

I have had this lube on my yoyo for about two weeks, and haven’t yet noticed any adverse effects. Maybe it does work fine. It wasn’t nearly as thick as you would think when I made it.

Tyler severance said he used to put a very very small amount of vaseline in his yoyos to keep them quiet but you have to play responsive for a day or two

What would the proportions be? I would love a silent unresponsive after broken in yoyo, and i have plenty of spare bearings.

Take a safety pin and put it in the vasaline bottle then put the Vaseline on the bearing and play through the responsiveness for a few days

Ty also played hammer of thor with like a 500 dollar Ti yoyo.

haha, wow, now i feel dumb for not playing it with my FH0

HA! one kid at my school got a dark magic and he only could do walk the dog and he tried this and it completly messed it up . he said he would just tell yoyo jam and they would send him a new one but of course there was at least 20 dings on it from walking the dog!

Just so you know this thread was over a month old. Please don’t necropost.


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I used wd40 to clean the rust off my bearing. Worked like a charm. But mixing I don’t think is advisable. If ur bearing is rusted use wd40 to smoothen it up and leave it to dry. Then apply vaseline to lube the bearing/axle

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