My Peak that is on the way.


You’ll be happy.

And you will get money get paid.

Prime candidate for a powder coat.


hehehe :slight_smile: very true story!!!

I can’t wait!

Congrats. Glad his mom let him ship


I’m assuming where it’s coming from. I had a trade deal worked out and the next day he said his mom wouldn’t let him ship.


Sorry man I just told you what she said. I didn’t mean any harm. It took forever to convince her to do this…

The desirability of the Peak boggles my mind. Can you think of any other yoyo that, in beater-ish condition, you’d be willing to spend time persuading a kids mom to let him ship?

No disrespect meant, link - it’s a piece of yoyo history and it totally makes sense, I’m not saying it’s irrational. I’m sure you’ll love it, and if/when the time comes you’ll be able to sell it for more than you bought it for, most likely. Just that I’m surprised how seriously its significance is taken.

Thank you since the “Thank You” button is gone.

He already got rid of it

What the heck lol…,