My own yoyo prototype design

Hey every one, so as most yoyoers today I’m making my own yoyo, i’v posted pictures below, if you guys think you can help, know someone who can machine it/ can do the bearing seat, let me know! Opinions welcome!

I’m calling it the Sunchaser, I kept it simple and light, it should zip along the string.

:Note specs are without bearing.

Diameter 2.19 in/ 55.8 mm

Weight, around 62.5 grams

Width 1.52 in

Thats an avant garde 2. Lol

lol, I did not really think about it when I designed it, but if you look closer you can see there is a big difference.

My bad

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nice design.
Can we see some spec?

Sure one sec let me grab them off Emachineshop.

I Don’t see any resemblance to an AG2

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I think he meant a AG1, I posted pictures above, btw any chance you could do the bearing seat?

I would go to Landon for that if I were you

Yeah, I messaged him!

Are you going to have this produced?

Reminds me of the Silly Goose. Not saying it is, but the concept of a wide profile and then a smaller similar profile put for the inner catch zone is something I always find striking.

Some might call it an h-shape, but it’s a bit more specific about it…

Ya know what I mean? :slight_smile:

Loving all of the specs!

My friend owns a CNC machine. So if you can do the bearing seat and send me the file, I can try to make one :slight_smile:

I like the way it looks. Kind of resembles an Avant Garde, but definitely has differences. I like it man. Looking good. :smiley:

Geez. Thats pretty awesome!

Is this still hapining

Need to see a cross section too. When in 3D mode press the little shape at the top that says toggle transparency.