Deep Space Yoyo Design presents- The Voyager UPDATED: They're here

The 10 prototypes of my design have arrived, and my dream has been realized. They play better than I ever could have imagined. Find me on the last day of Worlds to try one or message me if you would be interested in purchasing a Voyager. Testing is also ongoing, message me if you would be interested in reviewing it. Price is $100. The specs are:

Diameter: 53mm

Width: 44mm

Weight: 65g

Gap Width: 4.5mm

Response: 19mm

Bearing: CT

Pictures of the Voyager:

Feel free to post comments/questions/opinions below.

Looks REALLY nice. Definitely might have to pick one up.

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I like the shape! Does the weight include the bearing, axle, and response?

Yes, but it’s just an estimate.

yay, finally a company that isn’t all talk. ::slight_smile:

What’s up, bruh? What are you trying to say?

Sorry, I meant another company that isn’t all talk. Your yoyos look very appealing, too

Over defensive much :stuck_out_tongue:

The name reminds me of SPYY, Saturn Precision Yo-Yos. They are both space related, and whenever I see this companies name, it just reminds me of SPYY.

Guess you can’t ask people questions on these boards lol. Seems like sometimes any defense at all is too much. It’s what ever though.

I was in a different place…

Please no bickering unless it has to do with my yoyo lol

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A superior Exit 8 is immediately what came to my mind. Good looking stuff man.

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That’s got to be the shiniest CAD rendering I’ve ever seen…

Looks really really nice man! Will be watching this with interest. :slight_smile:

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Could you post a cross section. I would like to see the designs that way. If not, its ok i u derstand why people might not want to. ;D

updated, bump

looks cool, and I gotta say my favorite profile is this one so far

While I do like this design, it’s super similar to the 2Sick Queen.

Yoyos are always gonna be similar to each other. It’s whether they play the same or not that’s what matters.

Yes. That’s true.