My One Drop Experience - the one that got away?

About a month ago I purchased a OD Dietz in the Yoyo Expert color scheme. No big deal. When the yoyo arrived, I noticed that the little brown onedrop box was just a little “worn”. It most certainly wasn’t a problem. Putting a string on it, I quickly began throwing. I was amazed at the fact that the yoyo made absolutely no noise. None what-so-ever. It spun like a mad man and was an absolute dream. I huffed it through a couple tricks and was in love.

I attributed the “silent running” to it being a 10 ball bearing. So right away, I got online and ordered another one for my crucial. When I got it and put it in, it made the standard bearing noise. So my question is why did one make noise and the other didn’t? Could it be that the bearing in the Dietz had been lubed or broke in prior to me getting it? If so, who did it?..

I think it was Andre. While flying around on his private jet with his good friend Daniel, they would practice their tricks. Since Andre swears by his DM2, he could never be seen in public using anything else. However, he must have lost a bet with Daniel and had to use Dan’s yoyo for a bit, thus the break in. Then when I placed my order, he thought “I’ll give the Doctor Daniel’s yoyo. That would be a nice thing to do.” Hence the break in / silent running.

You can’t really argue with that logic. ;D

the sound a yoyo makes isn’t necessarily from the bearing it’s from the acoustics and shape of the yoyo, I would guess that you could put just about any other bearing in the dietz and it would still be silent

jrspike - killer of dreams.

My Dietz is not silent. So it the shape of the yoyo.

Mine is

I’ll have to check my Dietz out. I think its the typical One Drop low noise. They usually aren’t very loud. I kind of like a little noise so I can hear the yoyo spinning down a bit.

My deitz was very quiet. The deep red was sexy too.

My dietz is dead silent most of the time

My ten ball bearing seems to be like this. Very quiet, then loud, then quiet then loud, Mind you I have cleaned and lubed it, but I have heard this from other people. Not saying it is a bad bearing, but it is a weird one nonetheless.

So is mine. The rare time it is quiet it almost all ways snags. I am saying it is a bad bearing. At least mine. Its weird to.