my new dna

my DNA just came in the mail after an unusually long shipping time of 5 days from YYN
ok to the yoyo , when I got home from school I just noticed a box in the front door then I saw what I expected a 100 pack of sting YYJ thin lube and finally a new PGM for my brother and my DNA 888.
the first thing I did was put the string on to see how it plays it was amazing then I put on the stacks and I think it plays better with them on.I practiced pull starting then I started balancing it on my official question is any other stack tricks
I know this is not much of a review but I just wanted to share this with u guys
and dont worry I will post a full review once I play with it more

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Sweet, tell us how you like it!

ok heres my review
the dna is a great yoyo for many reasons, one it spins forever on the stacks and with throws I can beat my record of 3 flops by doing 6 with the dna and also its so smooth. a lot of my friends never heard of this yoyo and said that it was a giant 888 and thats what it doesnt mind extra strings and I can doeble on trapezze 5 also spins for 3 minutes stock and with thin lube it spins for 4:30 and stacks with no lube also 3 minutes I didnt bother to put lube on the stack bearings since they were so good without it.also the dings that I already got (not many)doesnt show up at all.
heres the play stile ratings
1a:10/10 perfect yoyo for 1a
2a:0/10 its not made for this
3a:6/10 it would be better ifit wasnt for the prices
4a:3/10 maybe but its metal
5a:9/10 it is weird if the wheight hits it
overall this is an awsome yoyo I will post a video in a while once I get it ready

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Here are some things you can do.

Pull start then throw up in the air and laceration green traingle?

throw it up into the air and just go into a trapeze.

Be creative.