Just Ordered - YYF DNA

I’m proud to say that just ordered a YYF DNA! That thing looks wonderful. Anyone throw one yet? What are your thoughts?

Anyone get there hands on one of the new PEAKS? what’s all the hype?

I think that the DNA has not got anything but good feedback. It’s a YYF metal so you know that the quality is outstanding. Dryoyo, AKA Chris Allen has an in-depth review of it: http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=275

Addment: You will most certainly come to love the DNA.

Yes, the DNA is a great yoyo, and many enjoy it.

I personally don’t like it at all. It doesnt appeal to me.

I’ve had my DNA for about a week now. It’s only the second quality yoyo i’ve owned (started on a hitman), but i’ve been absolutely loving it. It has really helped me push my skills to the next level (though admittedly, that level isn’t terribly high). And about 20 minutes ago, i used it to successfully skin my first gerbil!

I also have the DNA and I love it.

i tried my friends DNA and it was awesome…SO SMOOTH but i still prefer 888

In my opinion, it’s wayyyy better than an eight8eight! I just love it. It’s very smooth and has a great feel! Definitely a good buy.