(mutant)DNA or 888x?

I will buy some of these yoyos. but which?. I couldn’t chose the best one. or may i buy another yoyo?can you help me? ??? ??? ???

guys i modified this. i can usually understand you but sometimes i cannot. can you speak easy ;). my english is not very good :’( :’( :-[ :-[.
thanks for all ;D ;D ;D

Of the three listed, I would go with the DNA. Some claim it to be the best yoyo YYF has ever produced.

Have you checked out CLYW(Caribou Lodge) yoyos? or SPYY? very awesome yoyos. I could recommend CLY Wooly Marmot, CLYW Gnarwhal, SPYY Supra and SPYY Pro =D!

But if you want 1 of the yoyos that you mentioned, i would go with 888x.

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based on the 2 I see here the DNA or Mutant DNA for sure. 888x is probably the last yoyo I would recommend.

need to really know what kinda specs your looking for. in order to really recommend anything though. But any other company makes great yoyos. really need to figure out the shape your looking for, size, weight. all that Jazz. then you can start to narrow down the wide selection of great yoyos available.

Even then what we like may not be what you like. you have to try them in order to know. I personally Love the Avalanche or Sasquatch from CLYW but the entire rest of the line I dont care for. Spyy havent found one I dont like yet, but Addiction 2 is my favorite, Next is Pro then Supra.
YYF has a lot I like and dont like, as does YYJ.

I could go on and on but, without any info from you dont know where to begin. also price range can factor in on the dicision.

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What makes the Mutant DNA cost $20 more than the DNA?

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The increase in cost is probably due to the added aluminum needed for the weighting along with a few other things.

Also, I cannot help you decide which yoyo you should get if I do not know your preferences.

  1. What is your size preference?
  2. What is your weight preference?
  3. What type of style do you have? (What do you like your yoyo to feel like?)

And all these throws are smooth but the 888x is probably a tad bit smoother than the DNAs.
I mean, it’s arguably the flagship yoyo for YYF.

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It weighs a bit more and is 2 mm wider.
Material differences are minimal. So that does not account for $20.
All else is the same.

I didn’t want to say it but probably since it’s a bit more limited.
Marketing practices my friend ;D and there’s probably some subtle differences we can’t see on the surface.

I miss mine :-\

TBH the DNA is boss. Sure the Supra is great too, but I think the DNA probably the best YYF yoyo.
The Marmot is kinda unstable =/