I was checkin around and YYN has the new Dna’s in stock. But I haven’t been able to find anything about them. Has anyone seen a review they could post, or post a review yourself if you’ve used one. Thanks, I like to do a little research before I buy. Especially since they also have the Rim Dipped Skyline’s in stock…Wink Wink Samad. 8)

If you get the Skyline, I will hate you forever!!!


The DNA, like every other YYF product, is dead smooth, and is great if you like full sized yoyos. Great for grinds, string tricks, pretty much anything. You will love it

As samad said, but here is a link… thing…


haha I posted that I love my dna its the best

Well I might just have to buy both lol. Problem is, the Skyline is only the Black/White Gold dipped. I want the black and yellow gold, I think it looks better. So might just grab the DNA for now. Thanks for the response and the link though :slight_smile:

get the dna it looks awsome and IMO its better than my friends skyline

I beg to differ. Generally, a person’s opinion will be theirs is better then anyone elses. Tell us what you like in a yoyo. Check this out - And answer the questions: No Yo-Yo is Better Than the Other - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums

I agree with you Samad, no one yoyo is better for a person than another, depending on what style you play. But like the reg '09 888 seems to be a fantastic all around player. Thats kinda what I was wondering, is the Dna a better version of the 888, or about the same. Mainly because I am an impatient person, when I want something I want it now!! lol And being as DNA’s are in stock and '09 888’s aren’t…well you get the picture :slight_smile:

the good news is yoyoexpert.com now has both in stock, giving you the choice, which is all the DNA really is about. A full sized version of the 888 for someone who prefers a bigger catching area and feel to the faster small stature of the 888.

Yeah, I like a meaty yoyo. Love my M1 but sooo small in my hands. I plan on getting a few of your yoyo’s Ben. Are '09 888’s coming back in stock soon? I need and aqua, and a DNA, prolly silver, and a Skyline. Love your work btw, YYF fan for life :slight_smile:

09 888s are in stock right now ;D

Yes - Too bad I coulden’t buy one. I got an 08 888 that still rocks but, i wanted to try the 09 888. I don’t have that kind of money tho, but i’m still happy with my 08 888.

Sweet, I hope they don’t all sell out before I get my bonus check. And Andre, if you read this, do you give a deal if we buy like 3 100+ dollar yoyos at one time?

An 09 Aqua 888 is on the way to my house now :wink:

It says Deoxyribonucleic Yo-Yo for the DNA, but technically it should be Deoxyribonucleic Acid Yo-Yo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Without the Acid, it’s DN.

Rofl Kim-Lan…everyone is sooooo picky on these forums! Your not supposed to look that far into it, just enjoy it for the Kick Arse yo-yo it is!

Hah! This is true.

I wonder if James Watson or Francis Crick ever envisioned a yo-yo with the double helix plastered on it. :wink:

Maybe they invisioned someone creating a move with the DNA called Double Helix?

I doubt it as they were both stuffy academic types.

But someone now MUST create this move. You, sir, have made a good call.

Ben, dare we do such a thing?

Its just a play on the words - have fun with it. :wink:
I appreciate your upstanding knowledge though!