If you could buy only one?

  • Skyline
  • Dna 888

So, I get my bonus check next week, and I’m torn. I really want a new DNA 888, but I’ve been wanting a skyline for a while. I promised myself I wouldn’t buy both just as not to blow money. I found the Rim Dipped Skyline’s in stock, and obviously the 888’s are abundant right now. So I wanted to get a general consensus on which yoyo you would buy if you could buy only one, and why. Opinion’s welcome whether from experience or perception.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Skyline. It just seems like the better yo-yo for me.

I think Skyline also. I do have a 888, and i would guess it’s like the DNA. 888 is really wonderful but binds always slip. I would try the Skyline.


If i could pick one of those two. I would have picked the skyline. Just because i really want one, and I’ve really gotten to like the undersized shape, and the skyline just caught my eye. That’s how i pick yoyos.

Well I would by the DNA I tried yesterday and I loved it.But to me the M1 is the best yoyo after that yoyo none felt as good as the m1 except the DNA ::slight_smile:

thats hard
I love my DNA but I really want a skyline
but if I were to ansewer the question corectly I want a skyline cause I already have a DNA

Skyline. Better weight, better size, better shape. And its hecka sexy.

Fixed. ;D

I agree!

Good, everyone just confirmed what I was thinking. I am ordering a Rim Dipped Skyline Friday. When I get it I’ll post a Mini Review. Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

DNA, always have wanted 1!

i’ve had a dna for about 2.5 weeks now and i love it!!! i like it because the size is so close to the dm and that is what i like. i have an m1 and love it, but the size of the dna makes it so much easier to play. you’ll like either one of those yoyo’s so i say flip a coin or just pick one.

I agree :smiley:

what company makes the skyline? i cant seem to find it, im curious about it!


Rim Dipped, that thing is awesome when spinning. It looks like a mini catch 22

Yes sir it does, I am ordering one on the 31st!!! YYN has 5 left, I hope they don’t sell before then. (Crosses Fingers!)

You can find them on yoyonation.com, go under new releases and it’s toward the bottom of the page. I am getting the White Gold Rim Dipped. WOOT!! ;D ;D

why don’t you get a regular 888 and see if you like it
and then see about buying a DNA.

keep spinning


He already ordered it. Also, why try an 888 and not the DNA? Why not just try the DNA?

Anyway, I am extremely jealous of you now that you own a Skyline. Thought you should know :wink:
Seriously, thats how good they are.

Ordered it yesterday, should have it within the week!! :slight_smile: And thanks to Chris, I ordered a DNA as well. Why oh why did you have to tell me how good the dna’s were lol.