my mind is blown

This week, we’ve had some students from Japan (24) at our school. After school, I yoyoed for all of them plus about 40 kids from our school. I noticed one of the news cameras was recording me while I was yoyoing. Japanese national news recorded me routine (which unfortunately had a lot of mistakes) and part of it might be put on their news. That news station normally has about 200 million viewers. So excited to see if it gets aired!!!

wow! that’s awesome!
and on an extremely smaller scale, some kid recently recorded me just messing around with a freestyle I was working on. It’s interesting how when the camera comes out, you make a lot more mistakes. haha

Arrr, Imma pirate!


Or a leprechaun…


I know what you feel, if I played yoyo just in front of my sister, and she is watching, I made more mistake than I usually do. Imagine if I have to perform in a place full of people, maybe I’m going to be a sitting duck. You need to be used too it, I guess

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^Im fine yoyoing in front of groups of people. I just forgot my routine when I looked up and saw the news cameras aimed at me.

I was front page of the newspaper today! :smiley:

Or a Yomaster16. ;D

Awesome!! O0