i'm in the news!!!

This will be in the newspaper tomorow morning!  I’m failing at a 5a tangler in it, hence my disappointed face and posture.
It’s my friend’s Superstar


I’ve seen yoyos in newspapers before (once in my local newspaper)… but I’ve never really been in any news after the age of seven though, so… I guess I don’t really remember that feeling.

They always seem to pick the pictures that you personally wouldn’t pick, huh?

Well at least that means it all looks cool to people.

Congrats, that’s really cool.

Reminds me of my freshmen yearbook, on the table of contents there’s a picture of me rocking the baby with my Yomega Raider. I thought it was cool as there was this random picture of me on one of the main pages. Except they put the picture of me next to the word “Seniors” for the senior section. Oh well, atleast I was in an easy to spot area and was the main subject of the photo :slight_smile:

Great job, it quite surprises me that your newspaper is so liberal. What I mean in that is that it’s willing to take a picture of something that you don’t normally see. I’m envious as my local newspaper is so conservative and only cares about traditional, mainstream things. It considers the tiniest things news and gives credit to people by over exaggerating their actions.

Ya, i was nailing helicopter, the first thing i did here where i launched it up (Short 5a with Freehand 2 - Yo-Yo Videos - YoYoExpert Forums), and other visually impressive tricks to non-yoyoers and she just had to pick that one.  :-\

It just doesn’t look like your failing to the newspaper.

WOW!!! My article was online yesterday and will be in the paper tomorrow heres the online link \