Made the Sunday paper :)

Hi folks

I was recently interviewed by a journo from the Sunday Times - South Africa’s biggest Sunday paper, with a circulation of over 500 000 copies and a weekly readership of over 3 million.

Here is the article from yesterday’s paper… Ch…ch…check it out:

Edit, to add close-up pics you can read…

Start here:

Then here:

Now here:

Almost done:

Last one:


Wow, congratulations, that’s really cool. You should take a few closeup shots so I can read the article…or link if they have the articles online :wink: I’d definitely read it. I like that they put it in the trend section, makes yo-yoing sound especially hip.

Thanks! I’ve added some close-ups for you to read…

Big shot man, Congrats

BTW, is that a speeder?

Thanks! Original Speeder with hybrid response.


Thanks for the close ups, that was a great article. Pretty cool to read about everything you’ve been doing. It will be nice to get an update from you soon, about whether the article generates more interest from people who want to join your yo-yo group. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

How many members are in your group? Are you planning to go to Prague solo, or are you traveling with others in the group? Post a link if you have a site set up for your group. I’d like to check it out.

hehe, nice…congrats :slight_smile:



One of the nicer yoyo articles written by a non yoyoer. Thanks for representing the yoyo world so well and for making the start to my Monday a bit brighter.

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Ok I have a interesting story for you. I live in America but my grandparents live in South Africa. I was over there in August and that was were my interest in yoyoing was sparked. I was at a toy store and they had those really entry level yoyos for like 7 rand. I bought one and started to see what people could do with them as I was searching for videos and such. Then just yesterday my grandmother sent me an email and said that she read an article about someone yoyoing in her newspaper. I did a little research and I found you website. It’s pretty cool stuff. Maybe next time i travel to South Africa I can meet up with you or go to a store you have (idk if you have this :P) Anyways, it is awesome that you made the paper, really going to spread the yoyo love.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I have been interviewed on TV a few times before, but somehow that has always seemed very temporary.  This article feels more real, more tangible, something you can go back and read and reference again.

Barring one or two players, the link below is pretty much most of the SA yoyo scene, I am hoping to change that, especially since we have started a free club that meets in a public spot.  Our currency is weak, so getting to Prague will be tricky.  I’ll have to see how things develop…:

Only a pleasure :)  I think it has the perfect blend of seriousness and light-heartedness.

That is an interesting story!  We import some stock from time to time, but generally don’t have much of a selection.  Mostly we just borrow each other’s yoyos to try new things. Currently we direct most enquiries to YYE.  I have a feeling 2014 will be a good year, however.

Wow, that’s big.

Wow awesome man! Keep it up :wink:

This always makes me happy to see. Awesome dude keep sharing the love :slight_smile:

Heck yeah! That’s something you don’t see everyday!

Fantastic stuff, Frank! Way to rep yoyology. :slight_smile:

Awesome read. Congrats.

Really cool :slight_smile:

But half an hour to warm up?

Thanks guys!

There’s a difference between casually throwing in your bedroom at your own leisure, and being out in an open space, smiling and interacting with an audience. There is no room for error… and interacting with people takes extra concentration and focus. You do need to be warmed up - not just your muscles and tendons, but mentally too. It can be incredibly draining if you’re not prepared for it. I’ve also had pretty bad wrist injuries from over-playing, so I make a point of taking it easy at the start of a session, making sure I’m properly loosened up before gunning it.

Mind you… even when I do play at home, I probably only start getting “in the groove” after half an hour, or even longer. Unless I have an hour or two to spare, I don’t bother playing.

Fantastic you got in the paper dude. I was never a fan of the over exaggerating news writers do, but getting your name out there is what’s important.
Have you gotten any street recognition?

That’s really awesome man! Congrats! :smiley: