Do sponsored players earn a lving just from getting sponsored?

Do sponsored players earn a lving just from getting sponsored or do they have other jobs as well. Just interested, that’s all. ;D

Short answer: No
Long answer: Depends who you talk to. But really, yoyoing is still very small to make a decent living off that. And even if a person wins every single contest out there, the cash prizes doesn’t even cover basic utilities for the most part. That’s why most, if not all sponsored players aside from full time students have day jobs to make ends meet.

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No, but if they have a signature yoyo made just for them they get some profits for sales.
Example: I’m pretty sure Gentry Stein gets paid a little bit each time someone buys a Super G, or every few times.

99% no 1% yes

There are a small handful of people who tour, demo, etc. full time and that’s how they make a living. The VAST majority of sponsored players have other things they do… school, jobs, etc.

Some of them will get help with travel costs and such to go to major events, and many get royalties paid from signature yo-yos. Some simply get some free stuff and a shirt to wear… it will vary greatly depending on the person and the company that sponsors them.



No. Sponsored players just represent the team, they don’t actually get paid. However when the yoyofactory team goes on tour, there players get paid to help man the booths and help sell stuff. Also players with signature throws dnt get paid for every sale. That is completely untrue

no. not even close. most yoyo MANUFACTURERS don’t earn enough to make a living…

Beg to differ.

Chris makes 200+ on a lot of throws, but almost always over 140. Doubt it costs that much to make. He doesnt work all day, thus he probably has a side job. Ben Mcphee is probably makin it rain

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Chris quit his job to make yoyos. He said he is making 1/2 of what he was (money wise). He has a wife and kids. I doubt he is making as much money as you think, yoyos aren’t cheap to make.

Although Ben sells quite a few yoyos, I doubt he is “makin it rain”. Though he probably makes a decent living.

that’s not most.

There have only been a few people that have actually made a living from yoyoing. The only ones are Steve Brown, John and Rebecca Higby, Dave Schulte, and (Richard) Stohr.

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But, he sells them to stores for wholesale prices, so like less than half of retail I’d think.
It is extremely difficult to make a living off of yoyos. Most pro yoyoers are in college or high school. Coincidence? Nah.

I have a feeling someone like OOCH might go around yoyoing at schools fulltime may be wrong though

This program called ned goes around doing that, but hey arent that good. I talked to a demonstrator, and you have to practice like 2 months and learn rockthe baby and loop the loop, then tell the stroy of that day, and add a trick here adne there. SO it is like a poser yoyo living

I think you should learn more about what they do before dismissing them as just “posers”. Just because they’re not yoyoing at a competitive level doesn’t mean it’s not valuable or a useful tool in the bigger picture (education, not “yoyoing is awesome!”).



Although, they are not really caring about the yoyo or communtiy when they practice, just about the 500$ they get per school. Most likely of course. The woman who did it at my cousins school had no idea about modern yoyos or yoyoexpert and such sites. (I had break and my 6 year old cousin didnt, so I went to watch)

You have a point though, they are teaching kids. But it was something about aliens, but being an eigth grader I found it “silly” and funny. I also don’t remember as it was 2 years ago, but there was a moral to the stroy she told using the yoyo and props, her voice, as well as music I believe.

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the NED show is notoriously horrible for yoyo as a whole… they come in, do a quick demo, sell some stuff, and vanish. Almost invariably kids get yoyos, have absolutely no idea how to use them properly, start hitting each other, they get banned… then no yoyo demonstrator can ever get hired to go there again… ask any of the ‘real’ demo guys like Dave Schulte about it, they run into this problem a lot.

Also, I know for a fact that many signature yoyos pay out to the person who’s name is on it… some small percentage. If you are a sponsored player, and they are using your name on a yo-yo, and you’re not getting paid for it… you’re a moron.



They came to my school Quadrillions(hehe) of years ago. I can confirm, the best they did was rock the baby and a super butchered up double or nothing. They got most of their entertainment value from funny voices and a story about a guy named “Ned.” I thought they were amazing at the time, but my friend David knew better. I asked my mom that night for fifteen bucks for a “Ned Cosmic Spin 2 Pro Ball Bearing Yoyo” She said yes, and the yoyo was a bad deal for what it turned out to be anyways, but nevertheless, it was my first yoyo. I started looking up tricks to learn and quickly found YYE. So, I guess you could say they’re what got me into yoyoing. I have a few small things I’d change about it, but I assume there are others who got into yoyoing because of “NED” too. So, I think it can be a good thing we have them touring. Just my little testimony. lol

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Speaking of posers, has anyone heard about K-Strass?