Im in my school newspaper

So the other day i had my yoyo at school teaching a few buddies some tricks(i got them into yoyoing) and one of the schools journalist students saw me and was interested. The next day i was called down to room 128(journalism class) i had no clue what it was for, but turns out he wanted to interview me for an article to be on the school news website! He interviewed me then took a face shot. Today i got called back in and he took some action shots of me doing tricks. Im really stoked and il post a link soon when the article goes up. Plus, the few people that know about it really think its cool, and im excited when i get other people into the hobby.


That’s awesome! Good for you.

Congratulations! It sounds like you’re making an impact on some of the people at your school.

Only mistakes were that im a sophomore and my name is spelled “Whittie” other than that i love this!
(i look so bad in the pictures also lol)

Fantastic! That’s very cool! That second picture is a great shot too 8)

Awesome…all the other kids are going to start hounding you to teach some tricks!!! 8)

Lol iv already given like 3 yoyos to people haha. And yea i love the last pic

Nice! congratz!