My hitman's bearing

When i bought my hitman,it was partially responsive and it wobbles alot.Do i need to break it in and if i do,how long should it take?

yes it needs to break in it takes a day or to and if doesent start to break in try cleaning in


There is no specific time for breaking in. It’ll happen if you play with it. Besides, why do you need to to be unresponsive? Responsive play does wonders.

Mine started responsive, after a while and after lubing it and after cleaning it and after loosening the gap a whole bunch it’s one of my fav throws. But it may take a bit of effort to get there. ;D

the o ring might be need to be broken in.

O-Rings don’t break in.

when i do kwijibo or just a normal breakaway,the yoyo might return to my hand.the spin time decreases too

Then you aren’t doing it right, because I can do sideways around the worlds with a looping yoyo, as well as trapeze.

I love doing double or nothing’s with a stock Mosquito.