bearing break in times

So I just got my mini mo-tu, and I was wondering how long ti will take to break in the bearing? And after that it is dead unresponsive without em doing anything to it right?

Break in time really depends on how much you play with it. If you throw an hour a day it will take usually about two days or longer to really break one in. sometimes its even longer.
Sometimes the bearing comes cleaned so it will break in in a matter of minutes.

Ok ive had some experience with motus…first off Ithicus is right in saying it takes time but the bearing isn’t always necessarily the problem… The bearing seat is weird In the motu in which the bearing falls out if the seat without doing anything probably due to the yoyos size and is also pretty noisy with any bearing. But I slapped a brand new spec cleaned lubed and dried in and it was still pretty responsive. we put the lubed yyj bearing back in and it after a few days is just getting unressponsive now, I think due to the O-rings weraring a bit(which is good) just hang on and lube helps if youve got it… Good luck!

I have lubbed it. I may try putting in my other spec bearing just to know that it will be unresponsive lol. But thanks!

YYJ’s usually come responsive. It’s not necessarily the bearing’s fault, you just have to wear down the o-rings, and that can take up to a week or even two. But I doubt it will come to that. Just keep playing with it responsive for now and wait for its time to come. ;D

Its not the O-Rings. Its the bearing. He needs to break it in.

it’s already breaking in a bit, can do a thumb grind if it’s spining slowly at this point. Thanks!

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Bearing broke in, CLOSED!!!