My friend's yoyo isn't working right.

When he throws the yoyo it just drops. He has to bind repeatedly for it not drop. He has a DV888. we think it’s response system.

I hate that! I’d suggest you open it up, if the response is falling out or really worn down replace it or better yet put flowable silicone in it. I love silicone in my DV888!

Maybe you just need practice. How long has he had it?

I’m guessing his response is old and worn out, and needs replacing. If his binds aren’t tight, change out the response.
Or it might be a lack of experience with binding. but I’d go with the response being old.


Sillicone it.

its the response.

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The response may be the problem. This is because you roll up the string in the middle of the yoyo with either with a tug or a bind. Then the string causes friction with the response system to roll up. But if there is no response system, then the string has nothing to grab on to. Well that’s like driving a car on thin air.

But when he binds, does the yoyo bind tight? If it does, well his throw may be the problem.

How to see if tight or not, let him bind up the yoyo, and pull on the throwhand. Does the string in the yoyo just give away or is it tight?

A worn response system would make it very loose, as a matter of fact, rarely be able to bind.

That’s a very good example of the fact that a yoyo needs response as much to spin as it does to return. The friction between the string and the response is what makes the body spin when you throw it. Worn out response = little friction, causing the yoyo basically to fall down the string as you’ve seen here.