Yoyo Response Problems + tilting/leaning?

1st problem: Ive been using my too hot for a few months now and recently it hasn’t been coming back to my hand very well. And then when I throw it, it seems to just drop down and have very little spin time. I figured that maybe the response pads aren’t working? Im not sure…

2nd problem: A few of my yoyos are turning and tilting? Is this normal? When I throw a sleeper, after about 20 seconds the yoyo will have done a full 360 turn. They also sometimes lean. Thanks for any help!

Sounds like you just need to replace the pads; they’ll only last a few months and then they’ll start to get slippy.

And as far as the tilting goes on your other yoyos, you’re probably just used to the extreme stability of the TooHot–your yoyos are normal.

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You can try changing response pads, and maybe string, and give the bearing a good clean when you do. That should be everything that could cause it, and it’s all easy.

I don’t know your skill level, and I’m certainly not claiming to be super good, but when I first got into unresponsive yoyos and having more than a couple yoyos in my daily rotation, I used to think all of my yoyos tilted and spun. As I got better, I just stopped noticing it. That’s the only thing I can think of in those terms. Maybe try a string centering bearing? Some yoyos feel really unstable without one (Zeekio Lunarwind comes to mind, horrendously unstable at my skill level with a flat bearing, but with a CT, it’s stable as a rock)

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It was precession, as I explained on your thread with the same title earlier. Basically the string is not completely in the middle causing one side of the yoyo to be heavier, precession kicks in so it starts turning. It shouldn’t matter when you’re doing tricks so just leave it alone.