Clyw and YYF response life

Ok. I thought my bearings needed cleaning in both my chief and ricochet because they were slowing down and loud at times. Well after cleaning the bearings and trying a new bearing while the others were soaking the yoyos were still very slow compared to when they were new.

Have I already worn the responses out in both throws in around a month? Keep in mind I am just starting so even learned to bind on both throws. I’d guess I’ve spent as much time returning and throwing as I’ve had the yoyos on string tricks, most likely even more.

I’ve so far only have to change response three times one was fresh off a trade. the other one was because of those red pads that are in the severe that wear ultra quick. Then after about 3 months of heavy use in my old dv888. that included learning to bind and stuff on the dv888. My clyw pads look like they might need it in a few weeks but could be a month plus, I always have plenty of response pads on me just in case. But I rarely have to change the response on my 9 mm silicone o ring throws. So I would say on yyf and clyw pads 3 months of heavy use is around average. At least in my experience haven’t thoroughly tested out clyw only own one and haven’t changed the response since I got it six months ago

What do you mean by the “yoyos were still very slow”? Are they not spinning as long as they used to? If so this has nothing to do with the response, but rather with the bearings or your possibly your throw. The state of the bearings and how hard you’re throwing make a difference in spin time, but the response pads have nothing to do with it. All that they do is make the yoyo return with a bind.

How fast the yoyos spin is what I’m talking about. They spin about 70% as fast as they did yesterday/for past month. This can relate to sleep time too I guess but since they aren’t spinning fast I bind and try to throw again with no luck of getting them to spin like they did before this.

I have put a new clean dry YYF center track bearing in both throws with no improved spin speed.

I read the response also makes the throw spin when the strings friction is being applied during the throwing motion. It may not be true but I did read that. Just seems weird that both went bad (if that’s the case) within 24-30 hours of each other. When it first happened I thought it was the bearing so took both bearings out, dropped them along with a lubed YYJ bearing into some acetone. While they were soaking I put a brand new YYF bearing into both with no improved results.

If its not the response, bearing, or my throw what could it be then? It’s not like I just threw each once or twice and said hey they are slow. I made sure I was throwing each one correctly to rule “throwing” out of the equation.

Well this is weird! I just put one of the YYF center track bearings that came with the ricochet back into the chief. I let it dry all night even though sprayed it with shot of air last night.

I threw the chief straight down three times and it spun slow just like I was describing. Threw breakaway for skin the gerbil and it spun slower than should. On the second breakaway it made a loud noise and is back to like its supposed to be. Spinning fast like new.

This still doesn’t explain why the brand new bearing I tried in both didnt work. Maybe needs cleaning too? Not broke in, or just unlucky and got bad replacement bearing with ricochet?

I’m wondering if maybe the bearings both had something in them somehow now. Will test ricochet later. On the way to buy produce from farmers market.

Still wonder if what I read about response playing a role in the yoyo’s speed is true though.