My Freestyle. Please watch and comment!

Great video Robert! Im gonna make a freestyle pretty soon but I probably wont be as smooth as you!

Nice flops and grind!

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I really didn’t thank I was smooth. I consider smooth as flowing into tricks really well and not missing a beat. But what ever. Thanks for the complements guys! Later.

Keep it spinning™

Niice man! I like how smooth your finger work is.

“I got burned” <---- haha, doesn’t that suck?

Keep spinning strong!

yea on the last Eli hop the string burnt the crud out of me. It was the worst burn I had ever gotten and it left a blister. I almost yelled out too. If you pay close attention to my face when it happened you will see a bit of a facile expression there. I use a new type of thread for that string and I am never using it again. I’m gonna stick to the spun poly. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Cool! Nice and smooth ;D Good control on the gyroscopic flop, and the eli hops. Very smooth and flowy ;D

Cool binds btw, never seen any binds like that ??? In a good way though :slight_smile: