Bottlez Up!

Those are some pretty awesome tricks bro. Keep up the good work! ;D

Let’s see what was done right on this video, for all you people looking to shoot your own for cheap:

1: Natural light is one of my favorites. He’s outdoors. The light is somewhat diffused by the trees, but it appears that the light is a bit behind him based on the flaring effect behind him. Ideally, the light should be in front of you, but the high light angle isn’t shooting light into the camera, so this is fine. Also, we’re not getting excessive shadows. I’m not saying shadows are bad. We do want to minimize them. Sometimes they can help for achieving depth, but sometimes it can just be distracting. For the important areas, they are practically non-existant.

2:Notice his background. While we’d all prefer something neutral, I just wanted to point it out. Strength? Weakness? Wait.

3: Attire. Dark T-shirt allows his choice of a red string to be seen. Since lighting is sufficient, this works. It actually works quite well. Red is actually a dark color, but thanks to the lighting, it’s not so dark and stands out easily from both his shirt AND his background since red contrasts well against the greens.

4: Framing. Always an area of debate, I prefer this kind of framing for this kind of play because the entire trick(well, almost, but most of the time) we can see the yoyo, the string and all the hand and arm movements. A tiny bit lower might be better, but this is still fine. Notice how he’s framed himself dead center and that his chest is also dead centered L/R/Top/Bottom. This is ensuring we’re going to see the elements of his tricks and performance that we want to see.

THIS is a fantastic example of how to do it and do it right.

Matty, entertaining as always. Skills improve as does your video work.

Thanks for the comments guys! I really appreciate it! Keep an eye out! I’m hoping to get another video out when i have my new batch of tricks down!