Silver Clouds: A YoYo Video

This is the first Freestyle I put on youtube. Tell me how I did! Its 1a and 5a.

I love it- I saw it on youtube!

It was good, but I think multiple angles, more clips, and string contrasting to your shirt would’ve made the experience better. :-[

Very nice for a first time video.

The background was good, but you should definitely wear a darker shirt next time. You may also want to zoom out some. Using more than one source of light and white balancing your camera would also improve your quality. Finally, you seemed to be rushing a lot. There’s no hurry, just do your tricks at a smooth, comfortable pace.

Again, it’s an excellent first attempt. Keep it up.

Awesome first video. I think the others have given some great constructive criticism and praise. I assure you, the praise is well-deserved.

One thing, though. Try cutting your string about an inch shorter than you have it in the vid. Call it a hunch, but I think you might like it better.

Also, that hat is serious, bro.

Nice work, one of the things that I see is you should have worn an black shirt, and zoomed out a little. But you have skill and I commend you for it.

Really good first time video, btw, I loved all of your grinds, keep it up! ;D